Appreciation Dinner at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Thank you for your, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, invitation to our multicultural lay-leaders to be a part of your vision to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of all nations. We had a wonderful time of refreshing for our body, mind, and soul through this appreciation dinner together.

One highlight I would like to share through the encouraging message of Dr. Dockery that “… in this world where we live that more and more we face complex social, political, economical issues globally. However, we will see this difficult time for a great opportunity for the Gospel…” In my heart I said, “that’s right! Amen.” : )

Thank you for your continuous partnership with us, The Orchard. We pray that Trinity school will quip more future world transforming leaders through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our LORD….More photo from here

Parenting Seminar for South Asian Immigrants

“Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation” – C. Everett Koop.
What a great Seminar we had last Saturday with Dr. Sam George. Raising kids in another culture is so challenging, and we had the opportunity to assess ourselves as parents and also to receive some tools in order to understand better and to be better parents. Three essential principles capture the basics of great parenting: Meaningful Modeling, Loving Limits, and Sustained Support. More seminar pictures are from here…